Reliable & Economical Electric Power with Rental Gas Turbines

Energy Rental Solutions provide gas turbine generator rentals to a global customer base across multiple industries. The units can be shipped by air, sea, rail or truck and offer rapid setup and superior reliability and operating costs compared to reciprocating units.

Whether it’s the oil and gas business, mining or utilities, Energy Rental Solutions can provide reliable power with a proven platform and the strength of the CAT dealer network.

Total Cost Approach

By answering a few questions our Sales Engineers can help you estimate your total power costs including, Mobilization, Transportation, Setup, Commissioning, Fuel, and of course turbine rental costs.  We can also help you access the cost of fuel infrastructure (piping & filtration) and electrical (i.e. grounding, interconnecting cabling, and utility metering).

Total Solutions Provider

Energy Rental Solutions can provide any level of service you require, from the rental turbine alone to transportation, engineering, design, setup, operator training or operators, and balance of plant such as electrical transformers, electrical distribution, fuel handling, fuel storage, fuel filtration, etc.

Fuel Flexibility

Our Rental Gas turbines can operate on a wide range of gases and a variety of distillate (diesel) fuels. Our preferred fuel is pipeline quality natural gas (90% plus methane content), but we can also operate on low energy gaseous fuels (digester gas) and higher energy fuels that contain heavy hydrocarbons (associated gas).

Low Emissions

The majority of our Rental Gas Turbines are configured with Dry Low NOx combustion systems to ensure low NOX and CO emissions. Maximum emissions when operating on pipeline quality natural gas are 25 ppm NOX and 50 ppm CO. Use Cat's Turbine Emissions Calculator for an estimate on emissions in your application.

Global Service Support

Energy Rental Solutions’ rental gas turbines are manufactured by Solar Turbines and are therefore supported by Solar's Global Customer Service Network. In addition to Solar's customer support network, Energy Rental Solutions partners with local Power Generation Companies around the World to provide local service support.  We also, ship a large inventory of spare parts and tooling with each rental turbine to assure problems that do occur are resolved quickly.

Turbine Rental Terms & Conditions

Download our Turbine Rental Terms & Conditions in PDF Format

Contact Us

Due to the variety of applications, climatic conditions, and fuel types involved in renting a turbine, we recommend that you contact our Sales Engineers to help you address your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us directly via e-mail or phone for information.

Sales Engineer
Rich Flynn: 225.717.8549